Environment & Recycle Technologies Expo


To organize a expo in order to prevent unnecessary use of resources, creating awareness, dissemination of recycling culture in society, waste collected separately at the source and recycled giving back to society, prevention and reduction of waste in the city in order to leave a livable environment to the next generations on the way to become a resilient city.

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Stating that humans are trying to dominate nature as if they were a power superior to nature, “We are creating the climate crisis. As a result, we get sick along with our world. We can get rid of this mental eclipse, this seemingly huge problem, by actually changing the way we think.

Our We-Cycle Environment & Recycling Technologies Expo is the result of the concept of ‘circular economy’, which is an example of such a change of mind. We can explain the value of the circular economy only by using the wastes generated due to consumption in production. Therefore, We-Cycle Environment & Recycling Technologies Expo is a great opportunity for us. Many leading companies of the sector such as recycling, production, energy, wastewater and contamination control companies will take part in our expo.

This expo, where waste management, zero waste projects, recycling technologies, environmentally friendly products and applications will be exhibited, is a product of circular thinking. I believe that this beautiful expo will bring many collaborations and agreements, moreover; it will create an awakening awareness.

In this project, which we carried out in partnership with İZFAŞ, an İzmir Metropolitan Municipality company, many sector-leading recycling, renewable energy, wastewater and contamination control companies took part in our expo.

Waste management, zero waste projects, recycling technologies, environmentally friendly products and applications were exhibited at this expo. It was a start and a success beyond expectations. I would like to congratulate everyone who has contributed to our fruitful cooperation. Our joint efforts led us to a natural business victory. This organization, which we have carried out with environmental awareness and responsibility, has also been a starting point for the development of the economy. Our stakeholders in this field are extremely pleased that we have gathered them under the same roof.

The information we obtained in the company feedback was that the sector and İzmir needed such an organization and would form a strong basis for new collaborations. I would like to thank the Mayor of İzmir Metropolitan Municipality, Tunç Soyer for his support in bringing this vision to our city.

As İZFAŞ, together with Efor Fairs, we have brought a new expo to İzmir. İzmir is a city that adopts the recycling as a principle. This expo is the first company in Türkiye that brings together local governments and private companies on recycling and environment.

Together with the expo, we want local government, public and private sector cooperations to come out of our expo. At the same time, we also want products and technological solutions in the field of recycling in Türkiye to be an export commodity. The success of our expo is also measured by the cooperation and communication we provide between the sectors we deal with. Türkiye has now become a country that produces and exports technologies.

We-Cycle has become an exhibition showcasing İzmir’s work on recycling and waste disposal. Thanks to the private sector, our public institutions see the new technologies and thus new collaborations are formed. The most important issue here is the source-separation of wastes. If we can do this, it is actually possible to use garbage as a source.